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Multipurpose Woodworking Machine Price in Kenya

A woodworking machine makes working with wood easier and can save a significant amount of time on a project. Now imagine having a multipurpose woodworking machine that performs more than one function for you? Wouldn't that be a game changer? Multipurpose woodworking machines can perform from four different functions. However there are those that perform even 10 different functions. But what about the multipurpose woodworking machine price in Kenya?

The multipurpose woodworking machine price in Kenya varies between brands and depends on the specifications and features of the machine you choose. But, with a little due diligence on your end it is possible to land a quality multipurpose machine that will perform many functions without paying a lot. Take the Lida multipurpose woodworking machine for example.

This machine is quality made with long lasting and durable materials and finishes. The machine can withstand any brute use it is put to in the workshop. But that is not all, Lida multipurpose woodworking machines perform many different functions. It can be used for sawing, planing, rabbeting, thicknessing, sharpening and mortising.

You get the choice between different motor options. The choice here depends on your working needs. For a pretty busy workshop, it is best to go with a high power motor that can keep going for long and easily switch from the use of one material to the next. The motor power also determines the rotational speed of the saw and performance of the other tools on the multipurpose woodworking machine.

The Lida multipurpose woodworking machine is also made with your space needs in mind. It is a compact machine that can fit in the smallest workshops. The sliding table provides for more work space when you need it. However, the main cast iron working table is enough for most functions. Also, since it is made of cast iron, you can be sure it is a durable working space that maintains its integrity for long.

The motor of the Lida woodworking machine is efficient and doesn't waste your electricity. A 2200 Watts motor is able to provide enough power for most workshops. You can opt to go higher depending on your needs.

We can help you make an investment in the Lida multipurpose woodworking machine. We are direct suppliers of this renowned brand. As such, we are able to give you the best multipurpose woodworking machine price in Kenya. We know that proper use of a woodworking machine is a learning curve, especially when you are doing it for the first time. We have experts that are conversant with the machine and will guide you on how to make the best use of it.

Do not be left behind or pay too much for other machines that do not even meet the specifications and features available on the Lida multipurpose woodworking machine. Get a Lida multipurpose machine and put your workshop in autopilot. Contact us today to learn more about our prices and how we can help you.