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About us

Since inception, our company has been at focussed on supplying tradespeople with band saws from the best brands at the most competitive prices. We also stock and supply band saw blades and other accessories. As a leading company we have always had one goal: to serve our customers better than anyone else. And we remain committed to this.

Like any other company that started small, we have gone through many hoops and grown. With the launch of this website we have become the leading online supplier of band saws and band saw accessories in Kenya.

We are specialists in supply of band saws from the best brands worldwide. As such, we know band saws. When it comes to band saws, we know what works and what doesn’t. We test out the products we stock so we only stock what we know performs as advertised. This way we are able to bring you band saws worth your investment.

We are not only determined to bring you the best band saws, we also ensure that you get them at the most affordable prices. We are also hands on people ourselves and therefor